How You Can Help

Nearly one million North Carolinians have addiction problems and nearly three times as many are impacted by another person’s addiction.  It is a disease that affects all people regardless of age, race, education or income.  But addiction can be prevented and treatment is effective – especially when combined with long-term supportive activities.

Last year ADCNC assisted over 5000 individuals on its telephone information and referral line and over 10,000 people visited us online.  May people are in crisis when they call.  We have expanded our patient navigation services and improved our program that links hundreds of National Guard service members to licensed addiction specialists for assessments and brief interventions.  Our perinatal specialist assists an average of 50 women and children monthly – sending them to life-saving treatment services.

ADCNC is active in the promotion of recovery.  We understand that the areas of health, home, purpose or work and community are critical to life-long sobriety.  Funding for critical programs that offer prevention education, family services and post-treatment supports are limited.  Some programs we would like to develop but presently lack funds to accomplish include:

  • Offer model programs statewide to help the addict and their families together using the Families Anonymous program.
  • Create educational efforts that use cost-saving social media to teach and reach young adults through smart phone apps and other technology.
  • Develop a multi-lingual radio station or web-audio program that offers addiction education and inspirational entertainment.
  • Introduce a public education campaign to fight prescription drug addiction that teaches people to know their personal risk factors before they are prescribed pain medication.
  • Investigate the links between recovery and diet.  Open a recovery café.

Join with us.  Our call responders work each day to transform lives.  They offer more than referrals – they promote hope.  We have heard amazing stories from people who call us back to share their joy as they achieve personal recovery goals.  You can share in this effort with your tax-deductible donation to ADCNC.  For more information call 919-493-0003 or email Mary Powell at

Together we can transform lives.  Donate today.

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