January – Anne Doolen, Executive Director

This past November, I attended the Carolinas Conference in Morganton, North Carolina and had the opportunity to hear Dr. Tom McLellan’s presentation on Behavioral Health in a Primary Care Setting.  Mike (Doolen) and I were fortunate to be able to work for many years at federally-qualified community health centers, so we were interested to hear a national update.   As a strong believer in the chronic disease model of addiction (See National Institute on Drug Abuse – http://archives.drugabuse.gov/NIDA_Notes/NNVol18N3/ChronicCareModel.jpg) it was exciting for me to meet Dr. McLellan and have the chance to discuss current issues with him.   As ADCNC works to assist people in recovery to enroll in the federal Marketplace (www.healthcarencnow.org), I think it is important to continue to promote a message of whole health – and work to educate people in recovery to be self-advocates.  I have learned that talking to my doctors is so important.  It is the part of the chronic care model that we can control – so let’s be “informed activated patients”!

Dr. Tom McLellan and I meet at the Carolinas Conference – 11/2014

This month I am sharing a chili recipe.  My family, staff and friends seem to enjoy it and I hope you do too!
–2 pounds ground beef
–1 large onion
–1 large green pepper
–2 – 14.4 ounce cans of diced tomatoes
–2- 16 oz. ounce cans of light red kidney beans
–3 tablespoons of chili powder
–1-2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper (to your taste)
–2 teaspoon. of salt
–1 teaspoon of black pepper

Brown ground beef, drain.  Sautee onion and green pepper.  Mix all ingredients together and simmer for at least one hour or use a crock pot and cook for 2-3 hours.